Jennifer Lyle

About Jennifer

  • Raised in New Concord, JGHS ’72
  • Village Council Member & Safety Committee Chair since 2014
  • Leader of grassroots community development efforts
  • Spent career in corporate business, arts, academia, and start-ups

A Voice for the Whole Village


A plan for our community

  • A college town that is welcoming, inclusive and safe for all
  • A thriving, renewed historic downtown
  • A pedestrian-friendly infrastructure throughout the village
  • Attractive to new businesses, supportive of the ones already here
  • Diverse housing; healthy property values
  • New Concord remains a wonderful place to live, work, learn, worship and play


Responsive to your needs

  • I’ll listen, respond and follow up
  • I’ll create opportunities for conversation and connection including office hours for appointments and walk-ins
  • Resources and solutions for resident needs
  • I will be active in relevant professional organizations, engage with leaders in other communities and bring new opportunities and resources to New Concord


Your ideas in motion

  • Build collaborative relationships with all stakeholders and businesses
  • Provide tools and guidance for new businesses
  • Work to expand our variety of restaurants
  • Continue to work on longterm solutions for first responder funding
  • Initiate strategic planning for current and future generations
  • Together we can create the change we’d like to see